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Friday, August 27, 2010

Maryland Home Selling Realtors DC Real Estate Listing Agents

Do you need to sell your house? Have you said to your self " I need to sell my home Fast? Are you facing Foreclosure? Do you need Preforeclosure Alternatives? Have you ever heard of a Short Sale? Have you ever heard of HAFA? What about HAMP, have you ever heard of these Preforeclosure Governement Programs that are in place to help home owners? Are you trying to pay 2 Mortgages and running into difficulties? Have you lost your job and now home selling is your only option? Help is only a phone call away. I can help you to Sell your home!

Selling your home is possible in either a Seller’s market or Buyer’s market and I can show you how. As a licensed real estate professional agent , I am experienced in the home selling process.  I can show you what to do and how to do it to maximize your return on your investment. As your REALTOR, I will assist with staging your home, holding open houses and various other marketing methods that will help sell your house. I  aim to help my Seller Client’s receive and review as many offers as possible. If you want to know your options or get a FREE CMA, I can offer you a professional home selling consultation and provide you with daily status reports as to how properties in your area are performing. This tool will help you to see with your own eyes, your current market condition. I aim to make sure that my Home Selling Clients are informed that they may make a good decision when accepting offers. My “Let’s Get It Sold” attitude is what challenges me to perform at a higher standard and to make sure that buyers are drawn to the property in every way possible. Home Buyers are looking for certain things and mentally checking off items as they attend open houses. As a Professional Listing Agent serving Washington DC and Maryland, I have gained the area experience and know what is appealing to home buyers and how to prepare the property to meet the current market expectations of the perspective home buyer. My professional real estate services gives off a sweet aroma that attract offers!


As my Home Selling Client, you can expect professional real estate services to include: Client Loyalty, Client Confidentiality, Listening and responding to your requests, Disclosure of pertinent real estate information so that you would be able to maximize your earning potential and minimize any risks or profit loss. All of my Home Selling Clients can also expect to have their real estate transaction handled with the utmost care and respect. With the many DC and Maryland real estate professionals to choose from, you can rest assure that you have found the one that is able to help you execute your real estate transaction. All of my House Selling Clients can rest in the peace of my professional real estates services and be assured that I will always keep your best interest in mind. As always, I aim to provide professional real estate services that are tailored to help you achieve your goals.

The Home Selling Process at a Glimpse / A Marketing Snapshot

Detailed Market Inspection of your Property - This is the process in which your property is inspected to see how your property varies from the current housing trends. In this inspection, I would simply walk thru and check out the overall condition of the property. At this level I would provide an internal and external anaylsis of your home to include:

  1. Walk thru of Property / Feature Assessment & Analysis
  2. Exterior Condition / Curb Appeal Inspection
  3. Recommend Repairs / Upgrades / Advise on current home selling trends

Competative Market Analysis (CMA) - After reviewing the overall external and internal condition of the property, I would then make a recommendation of a suggested price based on your property comparing it to others that are on the market.

Stagging for TOP DOLLAR - This is usually done as a method to broaden the appeal to a larger body of potential home buyers for your property. Staging your home could be the determining factor as to How Long and How Many Offers you receive on your property. This is always available to my clients and depend solely on budget provided by the selling party.

Complete Customized Marketing Plan Executed – At this level, I present to you a customized marketing plan that concentrates on modern real estate marketing techniques and implementation of modern technology. This would include:
  1. Concentration on Internet Marketing
  2. 1 mile radius of the property mailer marketing concentration
  3. Virtual Tour Set Up
  4. Private Property Phone Line Set up
  5. Set up for Daily Market Status Real Estate Alerts
  6. Publication Marketing Plan Implementation (published and internet based ) & more.  During our initial appointment, a detailed plan will be presented to the Home Seller for review.
  7. Set up Open House and Showing Schedule
Set up Internet Portal for Seller Client Log-In – I set up a private portal for my house selling clients which is updated weekly on Friday. This portal provides a marketing update on the activity that has taken place on your property throughout the week. All updates are accessible with a simple password and user name that you choose. Once this is set up, my clients can log in 24hrs a day to verify and see what took place during the week as it releates to showings and property selling activity.

Begin to Receive / Review Offers – At this level, I assist you with understanding the terms and conditions being offered so that you may be able to make an informed decision. This part can be a little challenging if you do not understand the real estate industry language, however, with a Professional Licensed Real Estate Agent working with you, I will certainly provide you with any information that would result in your best interest, as my home selling client.

The Closing – This is the day that we all come to realize the meaning of group effort and the reward that it pays off. This is the day when you are set to realize the capital on your investment and hard work. As your Licensed Real Estate Agent, I will accompany you to make sure that you understand your terms and conditions of the settlement. I will make sure that you have understanding in every aspect of the transaction that you are able to make informed decisions at all times. The closing / settlement transaction is the ending of one venture and the beginning of another. At closing, I present to you your FREE "Thank You" Gift.

It can be really hard to find the right realtor with so many local real estate brokerage firms to choose from like: Exit, Weichert , Long & Foster, Remax, Century 21, Coldwell Banker/CB Move, Prudential, WGL,  Keller Williams, Realty Executives, Fair Fax Realty, Diplomat Realty, Exit Realty, however you have certainly found that needle in a haystack and Your local Realty Partner can help you find your dream home. You can rest assure that as my Client, I will consider your best interest in every real estate transaction and will help you understand your contracts so that you can make an informed decision.


I have decided that as a way to say "Thank You" for allowing me to serve as your Realtor, I am providing all of my Clients ( Home Buyers and Home Sellers) with a FREE Gift at settlement. This complimentary gift will be provided at settlement and further explained during our initial real estate consultation. This is a Gift from me to all of my clients just to say “Thank You” for allowing me to assist you with your selling or buying real estate transaction. All “Thank You Gifts” are given at settlement and are NOT redeemable for cash. There are also different thank you gifts provided for referrals. I am really glad that you have decided to either buy or sell your house, and I am looking forward to helping you to achieve your real estate goals. DO NOT DELAY! Schedule your real estate consultation by clicking on the link below and be on your way to financial real estate wealth!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

sell my house fast

Hello, this is Shataa, "Your Local Realty Partner" and I have listed some tips to help you Sell Your Home! Whether you are trying to move up or you just need to sale your home, home selling in this market is still possible. Home Sales throughout Maryland vary. It would be my pleasure to provide you a FREE CMA Report specifically customized for your property. Selling a house in today's real estate market, takes a special type of dedication and experience My customized marketing plan can help you to sell your house. I do not leave any detail unturned. I work to make sure that my clients that are selling a home, receive the best real estate attention possible! If you want to sell property in DC or in Maryland, I can help. As a Local Realtor, I can provide you with the information, confidence, preparation, and endurance to help to meet your real estate goals. If you want to get a Quick No-Obligation Preliminary CMA Report for your property, click here...

Sell that home quicker! Tips for agents & sellers to bump up that curb appeal!

In a slow market, sellers need to do everything possible to help get their home looked at. Here are some basic tips.

1. Beware of grand gestures: Exterior improvements should be in keeping with the scale and proportion of your house and fit in with the neighborhood. So as lovely as a formal colonnade might look on the front of your boxy Colonial Revival, it may seem over the top when viewed in context with the simple salt box next door.

2. Don't stand out like a sore thumb: When picking paint colors, it's best to match the intensity of your neighbors' shades. If pale blues are the norm, try a creamy yellow. Contrast that with a more saturated accent color for shutters and doors, and a lighter one for windows and trim.

3. Be a tree hugger: If an old maple is obscuring the front of your home, don't cut it down. Hire professional to trim it instead. Eighty-three percent of Realtors say that mature trees enhance the value of a home.

4. Plant for all seasons: Your landscape should be eye-catching year-round, even in the dead of winter. So choose a mix of plants to provide four seasons of interest-spring and summer flowers, bright fall foliage, and colorful berries or showy bark in winter.

5. You can have too much of a good thing: Over-improving your facade can mean recouping less of the cost when it comes time to sell. Gauge how much to spend on renovations by checking home values to see what gussied-up homes are going for in your community, and stay under their bar.

6. Do sweat the small stuff: New house numbers, a special light fixture, and potted plants are inexpensive and go a long way toward dressing up an entry.

7. Preservation pays: Before you apply stucco over those weathered clapboards for a clean, low-maintenance look, consider that restoring architectural details may offer more bang from your renovation dollar. In some areas, the value of homes in historic districts where preservation is required has risen up more than in non- historic areas.

So if you are planning on selling your home, please keep in mind the information noted above as this will help you to get that home sold. If you would like a Professional Real Estate Analysis, please feel free to contact me, It would be my pleasure to help you accomplish your goal. I welcome your response.

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