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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hello, my name is Shataa Whittle and I am a Full Service REO Listing Agent. My Service Areas are Washington DC and Maryland. I offer REO Listing and Property Preservation Services to:

• Banks

• Asset Management Companies

• Financial Institutions

• Corporate Clients

• Investors

Please review a brief snapshot of my REO Listing Services. If you need REO Listing Service, Property Preservation, or BPO services, please do not hesitate to contact me...


Day 1 - completed with 24hrs of receipt of the asset
• Receive order from Asset Manager / Investor / Attorney/ Client

• Prepare File (administrative)

• Verify Utilities (Acct Balances / Current Status)

• Occupancy Verification

• Pull Comparables & Market Information

• Set up acct for asset manager 24 / 7 access for asset tracking management

• Set up access for acct manager to get real time market information for the asset – 24 / 7

• Set up 24/7 property dedicated call capture number

Day 2 – completed with 48hrs of receipt of the asset
• Drive By / Enter property (if accessible)

• Take Photos of property / Overall property condition

• (if vacant) Lock Change / Secure Property / Board Up / Put Lock Box on property

• (if occupied) Cash for keys / set up showing times with tenants / comply with state laws regarding eviction proceedings & first right of refusal

• Secure Property

• Submit Complete Marketing & Property Recommendation Analysis Packet to client for review

Day 3 – completed within 72 hours of receipt of the asset
• Implement and set up Marketing Plan in the Marketing & Property Recommendation Analysis Packet

• Implement Property Preservation Recommendations and/or Requests as agreed on with the client

• List property on the MLS & other Real estate marketing channels

• Market property according to the Marketing Plan outlined in the Analysis Packet

Ongoing REO Property Management Services available:
• Recurring lawn maintenance

• Recurring Janitorial Services

• Recurring Property Checks

• Recurring Marketing Analysis and Marketing Information (available 24/7)

My Maryland REO Team is committed to the goals of our Asset Management  Property Preservation Clients. We understand the challenge and we are ready to provide our professional REO Services to you! As an asset manager, we understand that you have a goal of selling your portfolio with as little risk as possible. Our goal is simple, to accomplish yours! My Team and I understand the challenge and we can help you to liquidate your portfolio by using our professional real estate services. As both, Team Leader and an experienced Realtor, REO agent, Sales and Marketing professional, I know what it takes to sell REO properties. I am ready to add you to my list of satisfied asset managers and real estate partners. I am ready to: offer accurate evaluations, keep your expenses low and maximize your ROI. Funding is available to handle emergency property repairs, and to pay utilities for REO listings, and to handle all aspects of REO property management. Please find my Real Estate Services below. I am ready to get started as soon as you are!

Our Team Consist of:

• Admin Assistant
Our Admin Assistant offers a broad support base to each member of our team. Our admin assistant assures that everything is set up for processing upon the initial intake of the Property. Calling to check utility status, state tax status and making initial contact with the title company is also a pertinent part of the assistance everyday tasks. Updating client database and verification of complete file paperwork is also an important task for the assistant. The Admin Assistant is responsible for property marketing set up. Ordering winterization and de-winterization and property preparation for buyers home inspection is also an important function of our Admin Assistant.

• Closing Coordinator
Our Closing Coordinator acts as point of contact to assure the file is moving to the initial close date without delay. Our coordinator works closely with the title company, buyers agent, and our team and updates everyone accordingly. Our coordinator also follows up with the buyers home inspection status and appraisal status. This coordinator monitors the closing process from start to finish and resolves any and all issues accordingly.

• Sales & Marketing Assistant
Our Sales & Marketing Assistant is responsible for setting up and implementing the marketing plan in the Property Recommendation Analysis Plan. This Assistant is also responsible for following up on all buyer leads and interest in properties in our portfolio. Our Assistant is also responsible for updating our 24/7 online client portal to keep our Asset Managers, Attorneys, and or investor clients up to date with the marketing status asset. The assistant updates the portal weekly and it is available 24/7.

• Field Runners
Our Field Runners are responsible for weekly property checks to assure that the property is not vandalized or illegally occupied. Our Field Runners are also responsible for all exterior preservation of the property i.e, grass cutting, snow removal etc.

• Listing, Marketing, & Experienced REO Realtor Agents
My Team and I are experience Maryland and DC Listing Agents that work with one mission in mind, to accomplish our client’s real estate goals of selling their property. We have combined a combined experience of over 15 years as a Local Real Estate Agent and providing professional Real Estate Services to clients within the DC and Maryland Real estate Market. As Team Leader, I understand the challenges of todays real estate market and I am ready to help you to accomplish the goals of selling your home. Read more about Your Local Realty Partner, I am ready to work with you in accomplishing your goals.

• Accounting Professional
Our Accounting Profession is responsible for all invoice tracking and submissions for payment. Our Accounting Professional works to assure that everything financial is accounted for and properly submitted to our clients as mutually agreed.

• Staging Assistant
Our Staging Assistant works to make sure that luxury properties are prepared for the market. Our Staging Assistant works with both our REO Properties and our Regular Home Selling Clients to make sure that the properties are appealing and presented to perspective home buyers with an appealing presentation to generate offers for our clients.

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  1. The pictures posted are all beautiful houses. I will keep these in mind when looking for   Maryland Realtors.


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